Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Holy shit. It's positive.

Peeing on sticks is funny. There's really no graceful way to do it. And what's even funnier (or scary actually) iis that one urine-soaked stick can change your life. FOREVERRRRR. Then of course you pee on a few more sticks just to make sure you aren't imagining things (since, for once in your life you want it to be positive.)

So--here's our succession of events:

Day 1: pee on stick. Stick reads negative. My heart feels sad but I know its still a bit early to Mr. Stick to detect any HCG (the pregnancy hormone) in my pee. I resolve to try again in a few days.

Day 2: I'm anxious, feeling emotional and decide to go ahead and try Mr. Stick again. Stick reports POSITIVE results. I smile and show it to hubby. I feel dazed, like I am floating on a cloud. I call my mama--she's excited too. Hubby and I go to the aquarium to celebrate where I end up crying during the dolphin show.

Day 4: Using my "first pee o' the morning" I pee on the third stick just to make sure I am not getting excited over a false-positive (which, by the way are rare.) Holy shit. It's positive. I then go back to bed and kiss my hubby.

Days 4-8: Randomly smiling, with bouts of nausea (not sure if its from the prego hormones or my nervousness instead.) Sometimes I forget I am pregnant until I remember I can't drink coffee. Shit.

Day 9: Pee on another stick (I had a bunch in the bathroom cabinet...why waste them?) Positive. This is getting real. My body is working hard to create a person and a whole other organ, the placenta. Wowza. No wonder I am exhausted all the time.

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  1. The exhaustion might also be due to lack of anything caffeinated.