Monday, May 9, 2011

Pregnancy and the City

I'm starting to think that the city is not kind to women in their first trimester of pregnancy.  Daily occurences that had never phased me before are now seriously affecting my work days:

The Train:
Despite the common delays and crowded cars, pre-pregnant me LOVED taking the train to work everyday.  BUT now the 20 minute ride is a serious pain in my ass.  I can't stand to be on a crowded train--it makes me nauseous.  The constant movement of the train also makes me nauseous. Then there's the woman on the train with the strong smelling parfume that makes me nauseous.  Oh, and let's not forget about me puking on the train this week. Yep--I'm not joking.  It came so suddenly that I didn't have time to grab my plastic baggie that I had packed for such an occasion. Fortunately, I barfed right before my stop at Metro Center and there was hardly anyone around me.  I did it. I did a puke-and-run.

Usually some nice fresh air helps my nausea but that whole idea goes out the window when I catch a whiff of bus fumes, cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, or the aroma from a DC food truck.  As you can imagine, when I am walking outside I am nauseous a majority of the time.

Sometimes I want to ban cologne and parfume all together.  Because of my super senses (I can smell EVERYTHING) I can smell people even after they are out of the elevator.  However, the worst is when I am stuck in an elevator and someone has food.  Moving in a small box, while strong food aromas fill the space is a recipe for disaster.  I haven't puked on an elevator yet but I won't be surprised if I do.

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  1. Wait till you take the bub on the train....for what was once a charming event in people watching turns into what feels like 20 mins of riding in a petri dish with bubonic plague.