Friday, May 6, 2011

A Two-In-One Post for You


I'm still in my first trimester and obviously not showing yet. I really can't wait until I have a big 'ole preggers belly, but for now I will just glance down at the fat pouch on my belly and pretend I have a mini-bump :)

This is obviously harder to do when it's not physically evident that I have a bun in the oven, but it works wonders on the phone:

Me on phone with airline, trying to change to a better seat:
"Listen. I'm pregnant and I guarantee if I sit in the back of the plane I will be vomiting the whole five hours. I need a roomy seat in the front, preferably close to a bathroom."

Airline customer service dude: "Oh. Well, congratulations m'am. Can you hold?"

one minute passes....

Airline customer service dude: "Well, m'am it looks like something has opened up in 8D. It's not an exit row but has just as much space."

8D was an awesome seat. It's instances like this that I have no problem pulling the pregnancy card.

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