Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Trimester Reflections: My favorite Moments

If you ask me how the first twelve weeks of pregnancy was, I’d tell you that it was the worst three months of my life.  The puking, loss of appetite, constant nausea and exhaustion wore me out.  BUT—I don’t want to look back on this time in my life (I am creating a person after all) and have bad memories, SO in an effort to get my positive energy flowing for little Poppy I wanted to share my favorite first trimester moments.

1.       Finding out I was pregnant.  Those pink lines on the stick couldn’t have made me happier.
2.       Bailey the protector.  Realizing how intuitive animals are when my dog wouldn’t leave my side at the dog park.  He’s such a good pup.
3.       Mimosa-less brunch. Telling my awesome DC gals the news and hearing them squeal with excitement.  It warmed my heart.
4.       Blood hound.  Realizing my sense of smell is comparable to that of a hunting dog.  At first, it bugged me but now it’s fun.
5.       Freight train.  Hearing Poppy’s heartbeat for the first time.  It was fast and strong and made me cry with delight.
6.       OMG. Seeing the look of shock on hubby’s face when we heard the heartbeat.
7.       Puke n’ run.  While this could easily be a bad moment, it’s not.  It was definitely one of the funnier things that has happened these past three months. 
8.       Lift and fold.  Watching stroller demo videos online with my hubby.  We still can’t decide which one we want!
9.       12 lbs.  Losing weight due to nausea, etc., and being able to fit into my old jeans (for probably the last time for the next 8 months.)
10.   Smoochies.  Hubby picking me up at the airport after ten days of being apart.  He got out of the car, kissed me and then leaned down and kissed my belly.  I’ll never forget that.

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