Thursday, July 21, 2011

crazy shit your body does while making a human

This weekend I got to spend two wonderful days with my amazing DC feminist ladies.  Every year we spend a weekend in super neato cabins along the Shenandoah River.  First of all, I just want to point out how important it is for women to have a support network of awesome, like-minded friends. I couldn't get through life without them.

On these trips we talk about various feminist issues, share feelings and update eachother on recent happenings in our lives.  Of this group of friends I am the first one stepping into motherhood, so naturally they had a lot of questions.  Talking about the ups and downs of pregnancy made me realize that unless you talk to your doc/midwife every day or read a lot of pregnancy-related books, there are a lot of things that happen during pregnancy that you just don't know about.

So, here is my list of "crazy shit your body does while making a human":
1. your tail-bone curves out to balance the weight of your belly as it grows
2. you breathe up to 40% more oxygen than non-pregnant folks
3. morning sickness is a myth--it can last all damn day and start at any point in the day
4. the bones in your feet lengthen and spread out to balance your weight
5. around the second trimester your digestion slows down to allow the baby to get more nutrients from your food. this means you can get constipated, resulting in feelings of utter joy when you finally do poop.
6. your nipples get bigger and darker
7. your blood vessels wide and thicken to bring blood away from your brain and down toward your uterus resulting in light-headedness and dizziness
8. you produce 3 to 4 extra pounds of blood
9. because of the extra blood production, your kidneys work harder and you pee a lot more (you also pee even more as the baby gets bigger because they put pressure on your bladder)
10. you produce more mucus--everywhere from your nose to your vagina. fun.
11. the circumference of your rib cage expands by 2 to 4 inches to accomodate your lung expansion.

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