Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Not fooled by the garden burger

For lunch today all I wanted was some meat covered in grease with more meat and maybe some potatoes. My bizarre pregnancy cravings are in full swing so I've been chowing down on ice cream, bbq, and other no-so-healthy food items.

BUT, today I decided to try and resist the prego tummy and be healthy.  I went next door to Java Green where the food is organic, vegetarian/vegan, local and sustainable.  Right up my ally!

I was wrong.  I got a garden burger--probably one of the best I've ever had, but Poppy wasn't fooled.  So now I am sitting here still hungry and craving real meat.

I totally identify with a recent story posted on Jezebel .  As I have mentioned, in my first trimester I lost weight and my doctors told me I need to start trying to eat to gain weight.  Now that my appetite has come back and the nausea is gone, I'm on my way to getting some resemblance of a baby bump, even though I haven't gained back all of what I had lost.

The other part of this story is that because of my build I am most certainly going to go past the 200lbs mark, which in the article is referred to as "pulling a deuce".  This totally freaked me out when I realized it, but I can't just not eat. At 19 weeks I don't think I look like a heifer but maybe I am wrong.  But then again, who cares?

Although I know that the "healthy" weight gain for pregnancy is 25-35lbs, it's hard to tell myself that when I'm in the middle of my passionate love affair with my bowl of ice cream. As the author of the article says

"Nowhere did it report, for instance, the truth — that I'd been taken hostage by a food beast. That my hunger would, at times, make me cartoonishly ravenous."

I figure as long as I keep taking long walks for exercise and semi-limit my sugar intake, I should be ok and will hopefully and most likely steer clear of gestational diabetes and other weight-related complications.

But I will be "dropping a deuce" I'm tall and a large woman....what's a gal to do?

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