Friday, July 22, 2011

Women's Bodies are SO COOL.

So, I open an email from the bump that describes what is happening with little poppy at 5 weeks. I then decide to share this crazy-sauce information with my co-worker, Eazy-E (not the rapper).

me: "right now, as we speak, I am making a heart, liver, circulatory system and digestive system."
Eazy-E: "ew! you don't know how to make a heart!"
me: "I know! It's bananas!"

So, obviously, Eazy-E makes a good point. I am not a biologist, chemist, or doctor. I'm not even a trained mechanic and yet my body is assembling all of these vital organs and systems necessary to support a future person. Think about it. It's bananas.

While I am: typing an email to our consultants. My body is: creating a heart.
While I am: editing a report. My body is: working on the embryo's liver.

No wonder mysoginist men hate women--our bodies are AWESOME!  It's actually quite baffling that we didn't turn out to be the dominate sex (wink.)

Women can make a person--assembly included: heart, hands, feet, brain, liver, lungs, hair, eyes, etc.
We can also feed said person with our boobs (really hilarious when you consider this).

Ok, obviously I am not actually promoting female domination--I'm  a feminist afterall, not a man-hater. But it really makes ya wonder....

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