Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letting Go of My Ideal Pregnancy

I'm a planner. For as long as I can remember I have mentally planned the details of my pregnancy and birth. I've known for a very long time--maybe over 10 years now--that I wanted a water birth.  During the past two years when I knew that I would be trying to conceive soon, I had been reading books and constantly imagining what my ideal pregnancy would be like.

Now that I'm five months in, I know it's just not gonna happen. I need to face reality. So here it is. My ideal pregnancy torn to shreds:

1. I wanted to do prenatal yoga throughout my whole pregnancy.
Reality--Until about week 16 I was too dizzy and off-balanced to do any sort of yoga.  Even    
standing for long periods of time was a challenge. My goal is to start to practice in my house to
avoid the embarrassment if I fall over in warrior one (which, BTW totally happened to me in actual   
yoga class during week 7)

2. I planned on eating completely healthy, almost all organic and local foods, with a few
exceptions for the occasional ice cream craving.
Reality--I could barely eat the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, and when I did eat it was usually something grotesquely processed like a McDonald's happy meal hamburger. Due to my lack of
appetite and extreme nausea I lost over ten pounds and was instructed by my doc to eat more.  So, now I am eating more--and I am in fact eating a LOT of healthy fruits and veggies (organic and
local as much as possible) but I still regularly give in for a cookie, french fries, etc.

3. I thought I could completely give up caffeine.
Reality--Giving up my morning coffee and/or espresso was a piece of cake. However, I underestimated my distinct desire to have iced tea in the summer time. So yes, I drink iced tea 
 probably once a day and I also occasionally have a soda a few times a week. However, just to be clear I did read that it's OK to have up to 200 mg of caffeine per day, so I should be safe with my
tea and soda splurges.

4. I was really hoping I'd have that pregnant-lady glow.Reality--pregnancy hormones made my skin freak out. I have no glow, unless you count the sweaty
look my face got when I felt nauseated beyond belief. My skin is still dry, so I pile up on the lotion. I
guess I had always assumed that the pregnancy hormones + prenatal vitamins would make my skin
look goddess-like but the only noticeable difference the hormones and vitamins has made is on my
hair and nails which are growing like crazy.

5. I didn't anticipate my brain being in the clouds all the time.
Reality--My productivity both at work and at home has severely suffered. In the beginning it was because I was so nauseated that I could hardly stand.  Now I am pretty sure I have a certified case
of pregnancy brain. I can't focus, my memory fails me on a daily basis, and my mouth doesn't quite
connect with my brain all of the time and I end up trying to say two words at once which ends up
coming out sounding like I have marbles in my mouth.

6. I didn't think my sex life would change.
Reality--I was so very wrong on this one. The nausea totally sucked away my sex drive, and when I wasn't nauseous I was too weak to even think about sex because I was barely eating. Now that I
have a baby-bump, sex is just weird. And funny.  I can feel the baby kicking while my husband and I are having sex.  A few of our key positions are out the window because it feels weird and somewhat
hurts to have any pressure on my belly whatsoever. My sex drive has definitely increased the second
trimester--don't even get me started on the raunchy dreams I have--but the belly and baby's constant movement just makes bonin' a lot more difficult than I had anticipated.

So as you can see, my notions about pregnancy were definitely proven wrong. But it's OK. As long as me and the baby are healthy and happy, there's not much more I can ask for. :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

World Breastfeeding Week!

MomsRising is doing an awesome blog-a-thon to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. I highly recommend you check it out.There are lots to choose from, and I am particularly interested in reading: