Thursday, September 8, 2011

Second Trimester Reflections

Wow, people weren't joking when they told me the second trimester would be a thousand times better! Around week 14 I finally started to eat again and the nausea finally left.

Other awesome things about the second trimester:
  • I got my energy back! I still take naps here and there, but my sleepiness is nothing like it was week 5 through 13. During those weeks I felt like a zombie--it's amazing what exhaustion will do to your brain and your social life.
  • Food is my friend again. I'm eating, finally!  And I don't mean just saltines and gingerale. I am eating real, adult-sized meals complete with an iced tea.
  • I no longer detest chocolate.  This miracle happend around week 18 and I couldn't be happier.  Although the break-up was hard, and feelings got hurt, Godiva and I are back together!
  • No more vomitting!
  • I feel productive.  I'm actually getting things done at work and at home and don't have to worry about hubby doing all the cooking, cleaning, dog walking, etc.  I am once again an active participant in my house and office.
  • Movement down below.  Feeling little Poppy move has got to be the coolest thing. Ever. At first the movements were sporadic but now he/she moves constantly!  Another cool thing is feeling when Poppy has hiccups, it's really quite amazing.
  • Getting more maternity clothes.  I finally found some cute maternity dresses and shirts to wear that don't cost a trillion dollars like the garments at Pea in the Pod.  $30 maternity jeans--score!
And, although the list is small, I need to list the not-so-awesome things about the second trimester:
  • Indigestion.  I've never really had indigestion before but, wow, talk about miserable! I now keep a bottle of Tums on my nightstand and in my desk drawer.
  • Less sleep. I get up to pee about 5 times a night now. Between that and the baby kicking me constantly sleep kinda sucks right now.  But I try to think that this is just to prepare for life with a newborn.
  • I'm always hungry. Seriously, I never feel satisfied. I just had a garden burger, an apple, and a plum  and I am still starving.  It's ridiculous.
So that about sums up trimester number two! Now I'm in the home stretch :)


  1. OMG these pictures are hilarious. i love you and your pregnant artistic self

  2. I just started packing a lunchbox full of snacks so I could basically eat all day at work. A hard-boiled egg, an apple or orange, tons of almonds, string cheese, yogurt, and little trail mix of cheerios, raisins and peanuts, some baby carrots -- it was pretty much non-stop.

  3. that's a good idea, Kelsey. Lately I've been doing cashews or pistachios and an apple or banana but I think adding something like string chees or carrots would be great :)