Wednesday, November 16, 2011

When Nesting Isn't Enough

Last night I put together the changing table for the nursery. All. By. Myself. It's the little things in life that can bring you such great satisfaction sometimes. BUT--the changing table isn't enough. Just like baking pumpkin apple tarts, apple chips and rolo turtles wasn't enough on Sunday. Nor was putting the cradle together on Friday. On Sunday, after said baking spree, I coaxed the hubby into going to Ikea: "but we NEEEEEEED a storage thingy and we NEEEEED it NOW." The end result was a cute shelving system with fabric cubes that slide in and out like drawers. We put it together and I immediately began to organize the many baby items we've received. Afterwards I was tired but still unsatisfied.

So now the only big thing left for the nursery is to put the crib together.  Will that satisfy my intense need to nest? Who knows.  I feel as though some external force (yes, i know it's actually hormones) has taken over my mind and body and is instructing me to be as productive as possible.  This force often argues with the other part of my pregnant self that wants to sleep constantly.  In the end, nesting wins.

I've heard and read about this desire to nest that happens before the baby comes, but I had no clue how little control I would have over it. I can hardly focus at work because all I can think about is the long list of things we still have to buy, the fact that we haven't found a nanny yet, and that we need to find a pediatrician. 

I know everything will get done by the time poppy arrives, but when will this insane urge end?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am SO relaxed

"I put all fear aside as I prepare for the birth of my baby."  This is just one of the affirmations I listen to on my way to and from work. These affirmations are a part of hypnobirthing, which my husband and I are actively involved in to prepare us for labor and birth. We've got one more session before we've completed the "course" and so far I have to say that we both really like it.

The gist of hypnobirthing is that women's bodies are made to give birth and that much of western society has taught us that birth is inherently painful and terrifying and that we need drugs and hospitals to better "handle" birth. So, through affirmations, self-hypnosis, and the guidance of a supportive birth partner, hypnobirthing helps women rid themselves of their own birth-related fears and relax the body so that birth is smooth and joyful.

"I fully relax and turn my birth over to nature"
"My baby's birth will be easy because I am so relaxed and confident"
"I am prepared to calmly meet whatever turn my birthing may take"
"I deepen my relaxation as I move further into labor"
"My muscles work in complete harmony to make birthing easier."

I absolutely love the affirmations! Aside from attending the hypnobirthing classes, hubby and I have to make sure we do the homework involved:
-We've watched seven different birthing videos, all of women who used hypnobirthing to birth their babies.
-I listen to my affirmations twice a day.
-We did an exercise where we each wrote down our fears about labor, birth, parenting, etc. and shared them with one another and tried to talk about ways to alleviate those fears and anxieties.
-I'm trying to do a daily self-hypnosis where I am completely relaxed.  Practicing this will help me for the real deal.
-I'm reading the accompanying hypnobirthing book, which is actually very interesting.

We have more homework and techniques that we haven't gotten to yet, but I am feeling very good about using hypnobirthing to guide myself through a calm birth.

I'll post again after a few weeks for an update on how the homework is going, and of course after the baby comes I will do a post-birth piece about how hypnobirthing played a role in labor and birth.