Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Operation Evacuate Baby Rogers

I am SO over being pregnant. My impatience has kicked in and all I can think about is getting this baby out. Granted, I am not "due" for another 9 days, but I'd really like the little guy/gal to come now. Right now.

Everyone tells me that the baby will know when to come out. I know this. I can tell this baby is going to be just as stubborn as hubby and I are. But STILL! Maybe, just maybe poppy will come before the due date.

I've found that there are tons of things you can try to jump-start labor. Below is a list with some comments from moi.

1. Eat spicy food.  The idea is that anything to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract can help start labor.  Well, let me tell you, last night I ate some of the spiciest chicken vindaloo ever--I mean my lips were melting off my face--and it didn't even upset my tummy. No contractions. Nada.

2. Have sex. Sperm is supposed to help "ripen" the cervix. We've tried this once so far but I can't tell you whether or not it worked--its not like i had my midwife check my cervix afterwards.  I didn't have any contractions or anything though.

3. Evening primrose oil capsules: insert two vaginally at night to ripen the cervix. I think this has worked some. I've had sporadic contractions after doing it, so I am going to keep using them every night until the baby comes.  Can't hurt, right?

4. Walking. Lots of walking.  Walking has worked off an on for me.  I've been trying to walk at least one mile a day and it's brought on some crazy contractions, but none consistent enough to put me into full-blown labor.

5. Acupressure. I've put clothespins on my pinky toes, pressed the space between my thumb and forefinger, and a spot above my ankles and got nothing. There are some cool youtube videos of how to use acupressure to start labor.

6. Acupuncture. I haven't tried this yet but plan on scheduling an appointment for the day after i am due.

7. Castor oil, taken orally. This is my last resort. I really don't want to drink that nasty stuff and I am avoiding it at all costs.