Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talkin' Shit

Pre-baby, hubby and I would text sweet things back and forth to each other. Nowadays its a bit different:

him: If u thought that blow out the other day was bad, this is worse

him: its all over the bjorn!

me: oh noooooooo

him: poopy is on the car seat too!

me: oh no! how did that happen?

me: no wonder he was so happy in the car :)

him: I guess his blowout happened before I put him in the bjorn

him: there's poop all over the place, I keep finding it in new places!

Yes, our text messages now consist of text about poop. While we were in LA, the baby was constipated and we were getting a little worried. As I was running around for the conference, I get a text from hubby: "Big poopie!" in which my response was "yayyyyy!"

That about sums it up, folks. Make sure you are comfortable talking about shit with your significant other before you have kids. I recommend getting a dog first. The dog definitely eased us into the poop talk.

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  1. oh i hear you. george hadn't pooped for the longest time and it was like a party when he did. a very, very messy party.