Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pathetic Rant to My Husband

Yesterday, as I was waiting to hear about the impending birth of my cousin's son, I began to think back to my own birth experience. That, on top of having a low milk supply (more on that later), resulted in this lame stream of consciousness I spouted at hubby while I was breastfeeding H:

I want to try it again (giving birth) just to prove my body can do it.
I feel like my body failed me. That it is still failing me.
I couldn't push him out!
And NOW I'm not making enough milk!
I'm a failure.
My body failed me.

thirty seconds later...

No wonder men have all of the power.
You all don't have to worry about all of this STUFF.
Women put up with so much shit....we barely have TIME to get fifty degrees, run for office.....

twenty seconds later...

Why can't we be Norway? Moms there get a YEAR of maternity leave.
I want to be Norway. Norwaaaayyyyyyy.

Obviously, I know I am not a failure but sometimes feelings can temporarily overpower rational thinking. This was one of those moments.