Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Contraptions

Yep, that’s right. I’ve totally gotten things for H that I thought I would never get. The baby-industrial-complex has totally sucked me in.  But you know what! I don’t care. There’s no guilt here—none at all because damn, this stuff is pretty great:

I used to think: “Ugh what a waste of space. My baby won’t need something like that to entertain him/her.”

Now I think: “Thank you thank you thank you, Mr. Bouncy Seat for saving my ass this morning and providing H with half an hour of entertainment so hubby and I can shower and get dressed. THANK YOOOUUUUU!”

**Now I actually have TWO bouncers and H is obsessed. He has so much fun, and its super entertaining to watch him go nuts in that thing.

Lovin' the bouncy at grandma's 

Bumbo Seat
I used to think: “That thing seems too basic. I bet the baby will just want to lay on his or her back, not be propped up like that.”

Now I think: “Its so great that H can sit up and look around at things! It’s gotta get old staring at the ceiling all the time.”

**we don’t use it as much as we used to now that H is sitting up on his own!
He's sitting up all by himself now!
H in the bumbo seat looking very serious

I used to think: “Waste of money. How could a thing spinning around that plays music be entertaining? It's probably too much stimulation anyways.”

Now I think: “I’m so happy H is into music and that the soft lullaby the mobile plays helps calm him down. Whew! Calm babies are happy babies.”

I used to think: "Totally not necessary. I will just rock the baby to sleep in my arms and hold him until he wakes up."

Now I think: "OMG omg omg I have to peeee! (runs into the nursery to put baby in swing, runs into bathroom) Ahhhhhhh. That's better."

I guess my point is that these contraptions make life easier. Yes, yes they do. And it's totally worth it. During my first few days with H by the time hubby got home, I'd hand H off to him and run to the bathroom. It's great to be able to put your kid in something he/she enjoys so that you can pee, or shower, or eat for goodness sake! 

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