Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Take a Moment

Let's take a moment to celebrate the U.S. Supreme Court Ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act.
Let's take a moment to take in what this means for women and families.
Let's take a moment to appreciate how historic a day it is.
Hell, let's even take a moment to thank Justice Roberts (I know! Who would have though GW Bush's prize chief justice nominee would vote this way!)

This is the America I love. This is the America I believe in. This is our country at its best and I want to see MORE. I want to see more people standing up for what's right. I want to see my country continuing to fight for those in need and protect our civil rights. For too long, health care reform has been used as a political bargaining chip. I truly hope that the SCOTUS decision will put an end to the debate and let the Affordable Care Act do its good by providing the 30 million uninsured Americans with health insurance that does not discriminate.
Image courtesy of ThinkProgress

I'm lucky. I have a job. I am a union member. I have insanely good health insurance. But a job and a union membership should NOT be prerequisites to maintain my health, see a doctor or get medication that is affordable.

As House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said to Vicky Kennedy, widow of former Senator Ted Kennedy, "Now, Teddy can rest."

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