Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Sh*@ is Getting Old

I'm getting sick and tired of this country being overrun by misogynist assholes. This country is anti-women and it's anti-children. Period.  Maybe I would have less of a problem with anti-choice zealots if they were also fighting to for universal healthcare, or access to contraceptives, or finding ways to decrease the cost of child care. But they aren't. In the same breath that they tout their so-called "pro-life" values, they endorse legislation and candidates who want to cut Medicaid, or repeal the constitutional healthcare law. This contradiction drives me crazy.

The deck is stacked against women and kids.

Woman: I just found out I am pregnant but I am not sure if I want to keep the pregnancy. I can't afford to raise a child.

Patriarchy: But what about the baby! And Jesus! You should have this baby and we will help you. Besides, abortion gives you breast cancer.

Woman: Oh, ok. Can you help me find a good place to get prenatal care that is affordable?

Patriarchy: Ummmm. Sure. Check out this crisis pregnancy center.

Woman: I don't have insurance. How can I afford prenatal vitamins and ultrasounds and the other various medical tests necessary to ensure I will have a healthy pregnancy?

Patriarchy: I'm sorry. What did you say? Wait, are you married? Where's the father?

Woman: Well, I happen to be single. But I don't understand what that has to do with my question.

Patriarchy: Not married? Well, at least you are too far along in your second trimester to get an abortion! Yay for life! 

Woman: Ok. Well--

Patriarchy: --Listen, I saved your BABY. Leave me alone, k?

Woman: My baby hasn't even been born yet. Fine. I will leave you alone. For now. But you promised you'd help.

*cue baby crying, tired mom, etc.

Woman: Hey, Patriarchy. So--I have a dilemma. You see, I work two part-time jobs to try and make ends meet. I was only able to take 2 weeks off work after having my baby and I am struggling to find affordable quality day-care.  Got any suggestions?

Patriarchy: Nope. That's not my field of expertise.

Woman: Ok. Well, I heard rumors that Medicaid funding was about to be cut in the state. But without Medicaid my baby and I won't have health insurance. Can you help us?

Patriarchy: Health insurance is only for those who can afford it. Besides, I'm sure you will be ok. Just....ummm....make sure you wash your hands a lot. And watch where you are walking. And get your vitamin C.

Woman: Yes, I am already doing those things. Anyways, my friend told me that if I continue to breastfeed that it will decrease the change of my baby getting sick, but my boss won't let me take breaks to pump. Are there any laws that allow women to breastfeed or pump in a private area in their workplace?

Patriarchy: OMG! I don't want to think about your BOOBS! Boobs, especially lactating boobs, are so gross and inappropriate. Unless, well...unless they are on a hot twenty-something that is childless and knows her breasts are purely for MY pleasure. But should probably just go to formula or something. 

Woman: Ok. Well, maybe you can help me with this: there are hardly any public restrooms in my town that have a changing table in them. Maybe you could  help me with a city ordinance or something so that I can change my baby's diaper while I am out in public?

Patriarchy: Just say home.

Woman: I can't just say home! I have to work! I have to feed my family and pay the bills!

Patriarchy: God, you are needy! Listen. Just marry someone. Stay home. Have his babies. Cook some dinner. And shut up. 

Woman: Fuck.

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