Monday, July 16, 2012

Volume Control

Last summer we had a BBQ house warming party and it was a ton of fun. So, given that we still have some friends that haven't met H yet, we decided we'd do another BBQ this summer. Now, as is the case with EVERY PARTY WE'VE EVER HAD, after we've had a few beers hubby and I battle it out over the noise level.

He's generally a loud person and he likes his music loud. BUT after about 9 or 10p I start to get paranoid and turn down the volume which prompts hubby to turn it back up, ensuing in a battle of the volume control that I'm sure entertains the guests. Obviously, we all know who wins in this situation. He does--the music stays loud because I get tired of the back and forth crap, and we get officially marked as those neighbors.

I win in a different way--because I am right. The majority of our parties have resulted in a noise complaint, making us look like complete douches to our neighbors.

So this time around we are preemptively assigning tasks and agreeing on volume level.  Here's the breakdown:

Hubby is in charge of

  • grilling
  • drinking games
  • music*
  • the keg
  • whipped cream based libations
  • pest control (mosquitos, etc.)
I am in charge of
  • hors d'oeuvres
  • dessert
  • invite list
  • e-vite
  • decor
  • libations (excluding those with whipped cream)
  • lighting
On volume: hubby gets to have the music as loud as he wants until 8:00pm or when the sun goes down--whichever happens first. Once it's 8:00p/dusk, I get to control the volume level.

Now to the music. We tend to slightly disagree on the music selection. So, although hubby is technically in charge of the music,we agreed to the following terms:

  1. We each get to bring 60 songs to the table
  2. We each get 10 vetoes of the other person's song
  3. We cannot purposefully insert songs, otherwise known as distractors, that we know the other person will veto in order to save the songs we want but that would otherwise be vetoed had the distractors not been inserted.
This is what we call a compromise. I look forward to reporting back on our party!

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