Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Morning Misogyny: Back to the 1950s?

This has me all roiled up. It's been floating around on Pinterest and I finally clicked on it our of sheer curiosity. Clearly I shouldn't have.

Why on earth is the 1950s housewife ideal back in style? Please, please tell me that there is something like this in the universe aimed at men learning how to please their wives! (I know, I know...chances are slim to none on this one.)

I am by no means a relationship expert, nor one to readily dole out advice on marriage but I do know that feminism has provided me a lens through which to view the world and my own interpersonal relationships.

Here's what I know about marriage/commitment:

  • Marriage works best (for me) when it is viewed (internally AND externally) as an equal partnership.
  • Marriage isn't a walk in the park but it also shouldn't be dreadfully difficult. It takes work, but what good thing doesn't take at least some effort to maintain it?
  • Having children will test your marriage and its previously determined kid-free equilibrium. This is when the equal partnership framework becomes even more critical.
Any man who expects his wife to "honor" him, dress for his pleasure, HAVE SEX WITH HIM EVEN WHEN SHE DOESN'T WANT TO, agree with everything he says/does, prepare his favorite foods, and FOLLOW his lead, sees women as nothing more than property and second-class citizens. I can't believe how viral this blog post has gone (apparently the author has a book, too. fml.)

In addition for fighting for such basic things like birth control (which I never ever thought I'd be fighting for), we are now having to push back on an outdated notion that women are inferior help-mates. So, we've got a political battle for birth control and a social battle for equality within heterosexual marriages/relationships. 

Perhaps what breaks my heart more than a sexist man, is a misogynist woman doing all she can to uphold the patriarchy.

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  1. And really, what's to re-embrace? Women still do the vast majority of housework and childcare. How can we miss you, 1950s housewife ideal, if you never leave?