Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Utopia?

Sometimes, when I get frustrated with the current state of politics in the U.S., (which is happening more often than not at this point) I daydream about living on a commune that would be a little feminist utopia. I've thought about this so much that I have my own guidelines for fellow commune dwellers and so I thought I would share that today because thinking about reality right now just seems....scary.

Sam's Earth-Loving-Atheist-Feministy Commune:

1) in order to reside in the commune you must agree with the following

    • religion is nothing more than a tool of the patriarchy to keep men in power and in complete control
    • women will never be equal unless we have full bodily autonomy and control over our reproductive capacities
    • animals are awesome...let's not eat them all the time. actually let's  limit our eating of animals to big celebrations, and let said animals be ones we raise ourselves, in open spaces that are free of any hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, etc.
    • wine and beer are fun when used in moderation and making wine and beer is even better
    • sharing is great
    • knowledge is fantastic and books are the key to the world
    • violence is never, under any circumstance, acceptable
    • it takes a village to raise a child
    • creative outlets like painting, sculpture, gardening, knitting, etc are critical to emotional and intellectual growth
    • daily physical activity is key to healthy living
    • no hateful words that marginalize and offend anyone based on race, sex, ethnicity, immigration status, ability, age, gender identity or expression, marital status, sexual orientation, or class will be tolerated
    • once a week there will be a big party and everyone will contribute at least one item whether it be entertainment, libations, food, decor, etc.
    • everyone will contribute to life on the commune in some way, with positions rotating. One month you could be raising chickens and the next day teaching art class.
2) the commune will be somewhere with rolling hills, green grass and warm weather. we will have lots of animals and a nice big garden

This is as far as my daydream has gotten me. And unfortunately it's just that--a daydream......

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